Fiona Henderson

I’m a multi-media artist working primarily with ceramics in Auckland, New Zealand.


I still consider myself a new artist, because even though I participated in some classes as a child, I didn’t pick up the pottery bug again until 2009 while studying at my local polytechnic. After another year at a different school, my fascination with clay was set.


Since then I’ve had a couple of mentors who nurtured me, and the rest has been self-taught through experimentation, reading books and magazines and looking online. Although that course was quite a few years ago, the ceramics subject is so broad I’m not sure I could ever finish learning all there is to know.


I make mostly hand-built forms, sometimes pinch pots, sometimes using moulds and lately there is a fascination with tiles. The natural environment is an ongoing, dominant influence in my work, through a childhood spent outside, to a career working with plants and gardens. It somehow seems obvious for me to work with a type of earth in my creative practice.


I find clay and its changeable nature a perfect medium for expressing my creativity; in its raw state it is possible to create numerous forms, which touched by fire become a permanent, useful or sculptural object. Then comes glazing and the prospect of experimenting with recipes to produce countless colours and textures. Just like my cooking, I’m not one to follow rules exactly and the thrill of opening the kiln to see what’s happened is a joy that doesn’t get old.