Orange Glaze Experiments

It’s both fun and frustrating to try out new glaze recipes, especially when you start fiddling with them. I heard about a nice orange coloured glaze, which seemed simple enough: put 0.25% Chrome Oxide and 10% Titanium Dioxide into Abbots White glaze and voila.
But no….first of all I didn’t have any Abbots White to hand so I decided to try my favourite Satin Matt White instead. The result was promising, a fairly nice creamy mustard yellow, even on the iron-rich clay I use. I thought it’d be good on a bigger pot I’d made but when I mixed a bigger batch I was a bit blasé about accuracy and instead made a lovely colour which I called Rock Sage Green.


My curiosity was roused, what would happen if I used other white glazes? Certainly not orange!

By this time I acquired some Abbots White and tried that but it wasn’t orange either….and that’s the way it goes with glaze testing – it could be my measuring, my ingredients, my kiln or even the way I fire. Doesn’t really matter at this stage, I’ve had fun, found some new colours and I’ll probably try out other white base glazes as I find them to see what happens.

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