What we wear every day presents an image to the outside world. Social status, gender, morality, taste – characteristics like these are instantly communicated via clothes, describing ‘who’ we are to the people around us.

Yet our outward appearance can be a mask, portrayed through clothes as something different to the real person beneath. The way we dress allows us to edit ourselves to try and fit in with our peers and be acceptable to society.

This collection of mixed media pottery and fabric represents the things we do to change or disguise our natural forms: they portray how we cover up our flaws, or exaggerate attributes, or conform to normality, and even how we can pretend to be something else, misleading and masking our ‘real’ selves.

The ceramic bowls are individually hand formed. Once the glaze firing is complete, their unique characteristics influence what fabrics, ribbons or lace, what colours or construction, suit the shape of the bowl and its particular meaning.

These tailored vessels present a fabrication; simple ceramic bowls masquerading as more than meets the eye.

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