Orange Glaze Experiments

It’s both fun and frustrating to try out new glaze recipes, especially when you start fiddling with them. I heard about a nice orange coloured glaze, which seemed simple enough: put 0.25% Chrome Oxide and 10% Titanium Dioxide into Abbots White glaze and voila. But no….first of all I didn’t have any Abbots White to hand so I decided to try my favourite Satin Matt White instead. The result was promising, a fairly nice creamy mustard yellow, even on the iron-rich clay I use. I thought it’d be good on... Read the Rest →


Sub-Antarctic Islands Trip

On December 15th I boarded the Heritage Expeditions boat, ‘Spirit of Enderby’ for a week-long trip to Campbell, Auckland and Snares Islands. I didn’t really know what to expect apart from wind, cold and that I’d probably be seasick. I was right on all three but what I didn’t anticipate was how amazing the islands were, which completely made up for any discomfort. Due to unpleasant weather, we did our trip in reverse to the normal status quo and our first contact with land was Campbell Island, the southern-most of... Read the Rest →